Friday, 18 September 2015

Vielma / Edeline Lee Presentations

Vielma had a low key vibe of a presentation. A Very vintage setting influenced by the 1950's. Think Hitchcock and Mad men put together. 
The clothes however had a modern touch. The structure had a classic feminine shape but trending material was used such a denim and neoprene like fabrics that hold their shape perfectly. All in all the pieces look very American influenced with lots of blues and bold star prints. Then again with their collection titled 'Vegas Baby' it makes sense! 

Edeline Lee had another presentation upstairs above the Vielma presentation. It was just as interesting as the Vielma. The scene had an artsy feel to it , more or less reminding us of the creative side of fashion rather than the business side, no? 

The clothes were inspired by the Memphis group recalling the days of summer that are slowly passing us by as we speak. Colur blocked Aqua influenced tones such as coral, Aqua and lilac appeared in the form of tweed, denim and jacquard. Lee also plays with technique as he uses a list of textile seeing including patchwork, embroidery and appliqué. Fancy! 

Edeline L'ee's pieces go on sale on September 30 - October 7th.

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