Friday, 18 September 2015

'Everyday Birthday'

Hiya everyone! Long time no 'glo'! (It's a new thing I'm trying out! :) 

Well, London fashion week kicks off today and I have only been to one presentation and I'm already exhausted. But let's go on with this blog post not my humid exhaustion. 

The presentation Ive just seen, is called 'Everyday birthday'. Yep it's a cheerful title followed by a cheerful collection. The label behind the collection is called 'Phiney Pet' and they launched in 2004 in South East London. They describe themselves as 'always about fun and never taking themselves seriously' which is correct considering the colourful and vibrant designs in their spring/summer 2018 line. I saw eclectic pieces only meant for the Londoner who is quite out there with their style and quirky with their personality. Keep in mind that their inspiration lies with rock chick Debbie Harry and some of the elder generation. (Think of your grans old furnishings and their design) this shows that anyone really can embrace their clothes within their wardrobe and strut with confidence. Maybe as a staple piece or a crazy ensemble.

Phiney Pet, I salute you and your craziness! 

The collection can be purchased from their website ; 
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