Monday, 28 September 2015

Ashley Isham Spring/Summer 2016

 During LFW I was blessed enough to attend the Ashley Isham spring/summer catwalk at Fashion Scout. The collection conveys a lot of summer cruise apparel. The style appears very relaxed and simple, many beach and swimwear influences. As well as some sport influences, which may as well be a reoccurring trend that will definitely take place during the summer 2016. The shapes were very feminine but quite loose, still highlighting the curves and shape of a woman but again relaxed and not too fitted, considering this is quite resort looking clothing. The colours are very european influenced, you come across vivid sapphire blues and ethnic browns, with the odd Egyptian  gold flecks and sunset orange floral prints. There are some traditional formal styling such as white dresses and simple bikinis, but its the headgear that stood out the most. Spinning fans placed on bikini wearing models, makes no need to carry a fan in your bag when you can wear it on your head! But the headpieces also had some laid-back printed visors and snapback caps. All in all, when prepping for summer next year, (Yes lets accept it...its officially Autumn!) take a leaf out of Ashley Isham's book. 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Vielma / Edeline Lee Presentations

Vielma had a low key vibe of a presentation. A Very vintage setting influenced by the 1950's. Think Hitchcock and Mad men put together. 
The clothes however had a modern touch. The structure had a classic feminine shape but trending material was used such a denim and neoprene like fabrics that hold their shape perfectly. All in all the pieces look very American influenced with lots of blues and bold star prints. Then again with their collection titled 'Vegas Baby' it makes sense! 

Edeline Lee had another presentation upstairs above the Vielma presentation. It was just as interesting as the Vielma. The scene had an artsy feel to it , more or less reminding us of the creative side of fashion rather than the business side, no? 

The clothes were inspired by the Memphis group recalling the days of summer that are slowly passing us by as we speak. Colur blocked Aqua influenced tones such as coral, Aqua and lilac appeared in the form of tweed, denim and jacquard. Lee also plays with technique as he uses a list of textile seeing including patchwork, embroidery and appliqué. Fancy! 

Edeline L'ee's pieces go on sale on September 30 - October 7th.

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'Everyday Birthday'

Hiya everyone! Long time no 'glo'! (It's a new thing I'm trying out! :) 

Well, London fashion week kicks off today and I have only been to one presentation and I'm already exhausted. But let's go on with this blog post not my humid exhaustion. 

The presentation Ive just seen, is called 'Everyday birthday'. Yep it's a cheerful title followed by a cheerful collection. The label behind the collection is called 'Phiney Pet' and they launched in 2004 in South East London. They describe themselves as 'always about fun and never taking themselves seriously' which is correct considering the colourful and vibrant designs in their spring/summer 2018 line. I saw eclectic pieces only meant for the Londoner who is quite out there with their style and quirky with their personality. Keep in mind that their inspiration lies with rock chick Debbie Harry and some of the elder generation. (Think of your grans old furnishings and their design) this shows that anyone really can embrace their clothes within their wardrobe and strut with confidence. Maybe as a staple piece or a crazy ensemble.

Phiney Pet, I salute you and your craziness! 

The collection can be purchased from their website ; 
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Saturday, 14 March 2015

LFWKND street style fall 2015

Hey y'all sorry for the late post, been busy with my internship. (Will do a post about it next week) here are the few street style images from LFW Weekend. 

I realise that it's not as much as my usual amount but I'll make it up by doing a post of the weekend treats that were selling within London Fashion Weekend. 

Until next post, 
Glo-Glo x 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Decrypt Hemyca presentation

The I attended said presentation a tad late, however was still able to grab a few looks at Decrypts Hemyca presentation, held at ME London Hotel. The dresses had a very feminine silhouette with edgy metallic pieces attached to sleeves, sides and overall majority of the outfit. The presentation had an urban feel to it though, with Indie bass remixes playing and iridescent imagery projected on the walls. Models stood gracefully on dark brown platform boots (yes, the 70's!) overall the presentation was a hit! 

Portugal fashion Melo Costa/Barros

The show had a cool toned down vibe in comparison to last season. Even the music and the atmosphere seemed laid back. The show began with Barros and her minimalist pieces, in nude tones and aggressive cuts. Which creates a contradictory theme of harsh and soft. Where as Melo-Costa used prints to make a statement on the runway with his playful dash-like patterns and detailed fringing. Both shows complemented each other brilliantly, as always. 

João Melo Costa 

Daniella Barros 

And that's all folks, till next time... 😙