Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Free Range Graduate art fair

Hiya everyone! Last week, I told you that I went to a great exhibition showcasing this years university/college art graduates and their coursework pieces. I had a fun time looking at students work and gaining inspiration and having a taster for whats in store for me next year when I start uni. I know this isn't totally fashion focused but again as I've said before ideas and influences can come from anywhere :)
Take it all in!!

Graphics Design/Photography

P.S - I know its a lot and I apologise  if it takes ages to load, but these designs are impressive and can be seen at the exhibition if you don't have that much time ;) xxx

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Street Style : Liverpool Street Station

Hey Guys!!! Long time no see. Well I have been AWOL lately because of every students worst nightmare: Exams!! But now I have returned from quarantining myself for 2 months worth of revision to bring back my fashspiration and such! Couldn't be more excited for the exhibitions Ill be attending! Speaking of exhibitions, I went to one yesterday with a friend, its the Free Range Graduate art & design fair, (I'll leave you the link below). To put it simply, it was simply awesome! Whilst waiting for my friend, I took some street style pics at Liverpool Street station. Keep in mind public places such as stations and parks are great places to gain some style inspiration. I could only take a few, but keep tabs on this blog as I will upload the graduate art fair post next week! ;)

Here's the link for the exhibition website - http://www.free-range.org.uk/
Thanks for reading xxx