Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Street Style @ K.Way Store Opening

Here are some of the amazing characters I bumped into at the K.Way store opening last Week! 

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K.Way Store opening

Hey! I went to the K.Way store opening last Thursday evening, and it was an interesting experience! K. Way is a brand that doesn't necessarily DO fashion but are more like a practical necessity that one needs. Which is pretty much their unique selling point (USP), the fact that they sell good quality rain coats or "Pack-A-Macs" as Marketing Manager, John Farcloth refers to them. Located in the midst of Brick Lane, near Old Spiralfields Market, the store had a normcore vibe about it that made it belong in the emerging fashion industry. A bunch of interesting characters attended the store opening , 2 of which I met are also fashion  bloggers (I will link their blogs down below). All in all, K.Way does seem to have the keen interest of the young generation, which means it likely that they won't be going anywhere anytime soon 

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Spring/Summer 2015 Ong-Oaj Pairam

Ong-Oaj Pairam Spring/Summer 2015

“Looking back on Nakhon Ratchasima.”

The weirdly wild world of Ong-Oaj Pairam never fails to surprise, as his designs wowed the crowd of many bloggers, PR’s and journalists who attended his show. Held amongst the vivid insanity of London Fashion week, Fashion Scout was booming with upbeat, fast paced oriental sounds. The show hadn’t even begun, and the scene already had a fun atmosphere. There was a mixture of pastel hues, pastel pinks, blues, mint greens and warm oranges made their mark on the catwalk. What a great way to indicate the spring season with traditional feminine silhouettes and floral applique.  Many outfits were seen in the collection such as striped pleated skirts, Moto jackets with metallic sleeves, midi skirts with added texture in the form of puffballs and floral petals.

Styling was kept to a minimum, with the exception of bright pink lips. Hair was sleeked back to a perfect messy bun/ponytail combination. As for the accessories we’re expecting gladiator boots to make a come back next summer, but again in the upmost feminine form, with edgy patterns, such as pink and purple paint splatters upon a white pristine canvas.

As for the construction, Pairam seemed relaxed in the design of his clothes, the cuts and drapage appeared laid-back, but it was clear that was his main intention. Because the clothes still delivered amazing results, many styles appeared in his collection, such as relaxed wide-legged trousers from the 70’s, flowing maxi dresses from the 60’s with an oriental colour palette of lilacs, peaches, maroons and bold Asian tones of Tangerines, pastel green and royal blues. All in all there was a mixture of strong fitted cuts and loose, free styling.

A lot of the designs were inspired by Pairam’s childhood in his hometown of Nakon Ratchasima, Thailand. Of his time spent at his family’s Noodle Factory, where citizens take “great delight in dressing alike”. Ong-Oaj made this collection a replica of his childhood, based in a dream-like vision. It was the idea of mixing practical, humble work pieces with decadent, graceful dresses that motivated Pairam to pursue his career in fashion design. He says he visualises his wearer “more of a ninja than a geisha”.

Trends that were seen, include floral pieces, pastel colours, cinched waists-feminine silhouettes, wide lapel collars – Moto jackets, blazers and trench coats. So keep in check to have that oriental statement piece ready for next year’s spring/summer wardrobe.

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