Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Sunday Best

Hey everyone!! I love those days when you wake up and think of the perfect outfit, fortunately that happened a couple of hours before I got ready for church. :D! So when I got changed my mum said "You look so nice. You should take some pics and upload them unto your blog!" I then taught her what the term "Fashionista" means lol! I wanted to go for a 90's style so I decided to try out an olive  dress and layered a grey, laced blouse paired with black boots.
Please comment what you think below
Thanx  ;) xxxx

P.S I wasn't sure how to pose, but don't let that cloud your opinion of the outfit and I hate my curves. :S


  1. I really love your style! this outfit really suits you! Just wondering if you could take a look at my blog?? It would mean a lot if you could tell me what you think!!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, Sure I will visit your blog ;) x

  2. Regarding to what you said, I think your curves look great, especially in this skirt! :)


  3. Im a really big fan of your blog :,) this is amazing!! xx


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