Thursday, 4 September 2014

Bloggers Fashion Week 2014

When I got into BFW, I was certainly taken by surprise. I expected more , but I guess I'mone of those who get carief away in fantasy and then reality hits me back to earth. Don't get me wrong, I did pretty much enjoy the event, it was a wonderful experience. What took place there was great, great catwalk shows, great clothes, great music. Just great! When you first come accrues the location (The Penthouse, Leicester Square) it does seem pretty low key, so that should've been my clue that it wasn't going to be all that I wanted it to be. However, you should never judge a book by its cover and find that you might actually enjoy yourself, which I did. There were many other fashion/beauty bloggers obviously, and I got my networking mojo up and running by chatting to some bloggers and designers about their products. 

On the upper floor me and my plus one ( asked her if she could go at the last minute, it's a bad habit I should really stop doing :/) there was a tweet sample sale, meaning that you can get mini treats such as nail polish or lipgloss, jewellery if you twitpic the designers product. I got Nail Polish courtesy of Leighton Denny and Earings Courtesy of Soundcheck Accessories! 

All in all it was a fun evening out and I that I did benefit from it. And that hopefully next year I'll be seeing you guys there too.
(Remember, make sure to follow @LeightonDennyen and @chickfeather -Soundcheck Accessories on twitter! ) 

Take Care and God Bless xx 

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