Friday, 19 July 2013

Style Icon : Patti Smith

I remember the first time I found out about Patti Smith, I was 17 and doing my research on shocking advertising for Graphics Design. My teacher advised me that I should look up Robert Mapplethorpe, a photographer whose photo's explored the idea of erotica. Among his photo's a reoccurring face popped up, I saw this face and thought "She looks so familiar", so I did some more research and here we are. Its soo weird, I watched an old Patti Smith Rockaplast concert, and before that read an article of Patti Smith's biography in Marie Claire and from this I figured that I'll post a style icon post on Patti Smith herself.

Look #1

I like this outfit because its edgy and well its punk, like Patti Smith. I paired it with a grey top because I noticed that she wore a lot of neutral colours, which I also liked about her style, it was simplistic but cool.

Look #2

I liked this outfit because it shows Patti's feminine side and was a common style during the 70's which I love.

Look #3

This is a classic photo that Patti used on her album "horses". This is Patti's typical style, she was one of the many who wore male clothing and made it look fashionable. This androgynous style is another popular trend that is familiar with everyone.

Look #4

This is my usual outfit, a classic tee and black jeans. This comes to show that anyone can pull off a Patti Smith look. I added the pigtails, to show that the look is in fact inspired by Patti and the grey sneakers to add emphasis to the her neutral style and make the outfit appear more laidback as she has a care-free, laidback trait when it comes to what she wears.

Look #5

Last but not least, another classic image of Smith's album "Easter". A feminine dress, but its vintage appeal is what caught my attention. The image above is what influenced my outfit as Patti is wearing a long dress, so I felt the need to combine the 2 outfits and create a creamy, sandy collaboration 

Hope you like it. Here's a video of my favourite song from Patti Smith 
"Because The Night"

P.S, This is my first style icon post, It would mean a lot if you could write any pointers
Thanx for reading xxx ;)


  1. Such a wonderful post! You did a really good job with the outfits, I really like #3 and #5. Patti Smith is awesome, I saw her perform not too long ago.

    1. Thank you!! I love her style, she was always so experimentative and laidback ☺

  2. I have nominated you for the Leibster award!
    Visit my blog to find out more...

    1. Thanks, I know its super late. but Thanks you so much for the nomination :) xxx


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